Beth's Contemporary Wedding Flower Arrangements

Beth loves flowers. Her wedding flower arrangements had to have a young and vibrant feel. Here is a Gallery of her photos.

Beth and Aaron stand by the church door next to the simple wreath

THE flower that Beth HAD to have was the peony, and what a fabulous choice. On it's own it's a wonderful flower, full, blousy and sweet smelling.

Beth really wanted to have a young and vibrant feel to her wedding, so we added zesty lime greens and clashing pinks.

Take a look at Beth's bouquet and see just how many flowers are nestled closely in together to make her bright and gorgeous wedding flowers.

The other flower that Beth discovered, on one of her visits to discuss her flowers, was the dahlia and she fell in love with that too. So now the theme for the flowers was to lean heavily towards the dahlia, one of my favourite flowers also. I love their diversity, from a tight pom pom white head through to a shaggy black one.

Here they are in Beth's trial bouquet.

Beth is a girl who loves bright pink and because of this, for her brides bouquet, we chose the soft full-headed 'Amalia' rose, and subtly matched it alongside the equally vibrant 'Two faces' rose. Sparkle was added by inserting diamante pins into some of the rose heads.

Her bridesmaids bouquets continued in the same theme, as did the reception flowers.

The table arrangements really brightened the setting against fresh white linen cloths .

Whilst the birdcage added a special touch to her wedding flower arrangements.

The church pedestal had a wonderful arrangement of every flower that Beth loved.