Blue Wedding Flowers for a big impact

Blue wedding flowers are a choice for brides who are not tied by tradition but want to have a memorable display. Put together with other colours, the mood can change completely.

Blue can be mixed with white to create a fresh look, blue and yellow say zingy, blue and pink is romantic and soft, blue and deep red rich and wintery, blue and orange can create a Mediterranean feel. The combinations available to you are endless and wonderful.

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This stunning blue rose bouquet looked spectacular. The impact mainly comes from the strength of the rose colour but here they are set off by sweet scented white bouvardia heads.

blue wedding flowers, blue wedding bouquets, oxford wedding flowers

For a blue-themed wedding, the colour can be reversed, of course as here. The brides maids at this Oxfordshire wedding have simple white rose bouquets to look fabulous against their blue dresses.

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Blue anemones and soft white roses make such a beautiful combination in this bridal bouquet that also includes eucalyptus and blue veronica.

Blue flower table decorations complete the bridal theme.

blue wedding flowers, wedding flower table arangements

blue wedding flowers, oxfordshire wedding flowers

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